Michael B. Jordan Joins Black Panther Solo Film With His Director Ryan Coogler

I think we were all waiting for this news to drop once we saw that Creed and Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler signed on for Marvel’s Black Panther solo film. Obviously Coogler’s muse for his first two feature films has been the oober talented Michael B. Jordan and has received fan and critical praise for his roles in the well directed film previously mentioned, and now we are getting confirmation that Coogler has found a role for Jordan to play in the director’s third feature film.

Some great news for minorities in Hollywood has been the about the cast of this film which will have approximately 90% of the cast be African or African-American/black actors and actresses in respective roles. Black Panther is obviously a black character and with him being a king of a fictional African nation, you’d hope there would be some Africans and those who would portray Africans properly.

None of us know which character Jordan will play, but it’s obviously not Black Panther himself seeing Chadwick Boseman showed up as King T’Challa already in the smash hit Captain America: Civil War. Jordan was in a less than stellar superhero film recently with Fant4stic , but we aren’t hold that against him. It’s been rumored that Jordan could portray a villain role opposite Boseman’s Black Panther. Lupita Nyong’o has also joined the cast in an unconfirmed role.

I can’t imagine Coogler and crew would bring on Jordan for a minor role just because they are buddies. A villain known to Black Panther fans is T’Challa’s adopted brother Hunter aka White Wolf, leader of T’Challa’s police force only to break away from his brother’s rule and betray him and go against him. That’d be a story that makes sense if you ask me and even though they’d play non-related siblings, they share features that could make them a believable duo.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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