Disney’s The BFG Gets a Second Official Trailer – Trailer Review

Spielberg continues his reign as one of the Mount Rushmore heads of directing with his next kid friendly fantasy/adventure film with his Bridge of Spies, and now Oscar-winning actor, Mark Rylance as the BFG.

I can admit that I want to see this film because its Spielberg, but these trailers have felt more CGI heavy and less Spielbergian as of late. Of course, his track record speaks for itself, but we’d hope that the magic he brought to Jurassic Park or E.T. can show itself more in this film. The trailer shows the relationship between our two heroes much more than the teaser and the first official trailer as well as having the BFG in the forefront of most scenes.

I think Rylance will be great as the Friendly Giant, but so far, this trailer has not increased my desire to see this movie just yet.


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