It Is Not The Tone That Makes or Breaks Superhero Movies – Rant/Discussion

I’m sick of hearing “professionals” and fans alike always claiming that superhero movies don’t work due to how “light” or how “dark” they are in nature. For whatever reason, we forget that movies are supposed to often give us quality storytelling, among other things, but it’s not the tone that makes or breaks movies, superhero films in particular.

Sure, do some superhero movies take us by surprise with their humor or lack of thereof? Sure, but explain to me why you think the tone of films like Batman v Superman or the most recent Fant4stic are the biggest reasons they failed… Oh I’ll wait…

No I wont…

If you break it down with some actual logic, you will grasp the obvious flaws with these movies and doesn’t have to do with their more serious nature than prior films from the genre, but instead poor direction (in most areas) as well as extremely shotty narratives. Superhero movies don’t fail or succeed because they are too light or too dark, but how you can capture the moments that warrant both light and dark scenarios and how they fit into the main story.

I just want to put this to rest once and for all for my audience and hope you pass this idea on to your film fan friends and other people that may have great alliteration in their titles, but I also want to hear everyone’s opinions on this subject as well.


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