Emotional Trailer Alert: Ang Lee Directs ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016) with Official Trailer – Trailer Review

I was not expecting this to be the trailer that we were given. To be honest, I didn’t what the heck I was about to watch, but for whatever reason I chose to go down the wormhole of new trailers and this was the one I got. Ang Lee’s last film was a CGI masterpiece in The Life of Pi and we saw him get an award for that joyous CGI while helping backrupt the company that gave him the CGI only to get an Oscar and not thank them at all…

With all that behind us, it doesn’t take away the fact he is damn good at what he does. Not many of us know or even knew this was going to be a film, but what a treat this is going to become once the film comes out. Kristen Stewart is proving more and more that she deserves a shot at being called a true actress with her castings in far more serious pictures and Vin Diesel may prove to us why we like him so much yet again. Not to mention Steve Martin is in a film for once and Chris Tucker is also in here somewhere.

This a story we rarely see, but I’m glad a film like this is being made. Even though we know he makes it out alive, it will likely be even more difficult to watch once we see what he had to go through fighting for our freedoms. War stories are always tragic, but inspiring, and with Ang Lee’s touch on the emotional spectrum as well as visually striking imagery, we may be getting a sleeper hit.

It will also be the first film to shoot in 120 frames per second…

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment


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