Ben Affleck Is A Mathematics Savant, But He’s No Will Hunting In The Accountant (2016) – Trailer Review

Ben Affleck has quickly become one of the best out there and deserves an award for most improved career in Hollywood. While he isn’t directing this one, Warrior director Gavin O’Connor takes the reigns on this one with one of the most enticing trailers so far this year. For whatever reason, smaller films like this can cut good trailers, but Heaven forbid any other film follows suit.

Affleck plays a brilliant, but out of the ordinary obsessive compulsive assassin and math savant who gains Batman like combat skills only far more grueling. The trailer builds and builds as we realize this is far from a math drama, but in fact an action-thriller with depth and a damn good cast that includes, J.K. Simmons, Anna Kendrick, Jon Bernthal, Jeffory Tambor, and John Lithgow. 

Warrior was one of the best surprises of 2011 and Gavin O’Connor, while owning a shorter resume, has made a couple memorable films in his time as a writer and director, but his largest successes being beloved sports films.

…and yes, that is our new Commissioner Gordon in a movie with our latest Batman…!



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