The Justice League Part One May Have It’s Official Villian

In only two months, we can finally see what we didn’t get to see in theaters, and that is this Rated-R extended cut of Batman v Superman. Since then, the focus has been on the solo films, with Wonder Woman having just wrapped shooting, and Justice League Part One which now has Ben Affleck executive producing. With speculation looming everywhere for who the JL villain could be, it may not be who any of us were actually thinking of…

That ugly sucker with the cubes and horns is in fact a character from the war world that is known as Apokolips in the DC universe, home of ultra big baddy Darkseid, but it looks like Darkseid will just have to wait because Steppenwolf may just be the big villain our heroes are going to have to face in their joint movie. He is a closely tied villainous comrade to Darkseid and serves as Darkseid’s general of sorts and leads his hoards of evil doers to kill and pillage the galaxy whenever they please, so if you didn’t get it, Steppenwolf ain’t no joke.

It was only when WB decided to release one of the cut scenes from the film did we get the image and highly significant moment that was Lex Luthor getting what appeared to be a mother box, an interplanetary transportation device used by said villains for their entrance to new worlds such as Earth. In the deleted scene titled “Communion” Lex Luthor seems to have seen more than his fair share of Apokolips’ dangers with Steppenwolf being one of those very dangers.

Here’s that scene:

Who knows what other secrets could be revealed for the film after it releases on blu-ray. Hopefully we can find some redeeming elements to all this after we get a better understanding of where the film is going.




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