The First Official Assassin’s Creed (2016) Trailer Is Here – Trailer Review

Let’s cut to the part where I debunk the whole “It’s nothing like the video game” thing by saying, no sh**. With that being said, Kanye music and all, I think this was a solid trailer. Not being a video game player, but being familiar enough with the property, I’m okay with the original characters and the different settings.

Fassbender obviously looks great as the lead and will do a great job as the assassin alongside his Macbeth co-star Marion Cottiard and director Justin Kurzel, but I’m hoping we end up liking the whole “present day” spin on the story line. The action seems to fit and translate well to the screen as well as the outfits.

From the little I have seen of the Spanish Inquisition moments of the trailer, I am convinced that will be the time period of the story that interests us most. Personally, I would have hoped they kept movie strictly in that time period and just gone from there, but maybe they have more a story to tell with the present day reincarnation of Fassbender’s assassin(s).



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