Zorro Gets A Reboot And Its Fox In Gael Garcia Bernal

I heard awhile back that Zorro was getting a reboot, but it seemed to be much different than we would have known Zorro. Originally, the news had an idea coasting around with the plot being set in a dystopian future and Zorro doing what Zorro does, but he’d be all dark and depressing. That idea was basically a Batman storyline, only way dumber, and less cool….

Wait… They’re still doing this?! Oh…

Yeah that’s right, they’re still going with a futuristic take on the Fox (Zorro means fox in Spanish) like they have tried to do since 2012 with Gael Garcia Bernal originally intended to be their guy. Well, that appears to be the case yet again in the revised title for the film which will be simply Z. Originally titled Zorro Reborn (awful title), the film will reteem Bernal with director Jonas Cuaran.

Deadline is reporting that they will give a more revisionist retelling of the folk character rather than go back to a time period we’ve seen in countless other Zorro films and shows, but the charm to the hero is that he is a Spanish hero set in a time where Spain was at a genesis and facing trouble after trouble, but that’s my jaded side coming out because the first Antonio Bandarez Zorro film The Legend of Zorro. 

I suppose a different spin on the pulp character could be fun and exciting in the right hands and at least they cast the proper ethnic actor for the role. Zorro, even though he came first, has always been Batman with a sword, and the film makers have to find a creative way to maintain the core themes and traits of Zorro without making him look like a Batman rip off. With this unique end of the world retelling, I would love for them to fictionalize certain parts of history to bring on the end of the world vibe they appear to be going for and that can give Zorro his motivations come production time.

Source: Deadline


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