Lee Daniels Leaves Richard Pryor Biopic for The Weinstein Company

It seems like this film has been “in the works” for a decade and they cast Mike Epps as the iconic funny man, but now the film has lost its director due to scheduling conflicts. Daniels is an executive producer on the hit show Empire and has directed the award-winning film Precious.

Daniels has another show releasing for Fox alongside Empire titled Star which he has chosen to commit to further. It’s disappointing the Philly born director won’t be taking on this film, especially after his work on Precious as well as Lee Daniels’ The Butler, but there is a crop of directors that would fit this project, but it’s about getting them in time and up to speed on the project before it gets shelved.

The debate on if they should go after a black director is a fair one, with names such as Selma director Ava Duvernay or Nate Parker, Chris Rock, Steve McQueen, or F. Gary Gray. A biopic like this can’t be strictly funny or strictly serious and a director with the ability to balance both those elements is what we need for this movie. Who they will get now is a mystery.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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