Hugh Jackman’s Final Wolverine Movie Will Be Rated-R

Fox is learning quickly that fans will support most things they publicly bitch and moan for. We wanted a Rated-R Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds, we got a Rated-R Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds, and what happened? Oh nothing, it just became the highest grossing Rated-R film of all-time. They are listening again and sticking with the Rated-R theme and giving that rating to their number one guy and that is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

That’s right, 20th Century Fox has green-lit an R-Rating for Hugh Jackman’s supposed final film of him as Wolverine. The Wolverine director James Mangold will return to direct the film once more and has already begun shooting the picture.

With the news of this being a Rated-R film should excite fans in more ways than one, not because he wasn’t already slashing people up in previous films, but because they don’t have to filter Wolverine for his final appearance with Jackman in the role. Fans, like myself, have been curious to see how they will conclude the character and our hopes immediately went to the story line of Old Man Logan. For those that don’t know the story, Logan aka Wolverine is an old man and he has grey hairs…

My point is this, we just want to see the project, and with it now being Rated-R (likely due to language and violence) we are going to get an epic conclusion to something that has been extremely special for the genre of superhero movies and comics, and that is seeing Hugh Jackman smoke a cigar as Wolverine.

Source: Collider


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