Fox Developing Adaptation of ‘Irredeemable’ Comic Book

20th Century Fox has been killing it with their superhero properties not named Fantastic Four and they look to keep that momentum going by adapting yet another comic book character few people know about (including me) from BOOM! Studios titled, Irredeemable. When the world’s greatest superhero goes bad, it’s up to a group of less powerful heroes known as the Paradigm and man does this seem interesting.

From the premise of the comic book, this will likely be yet another Rated-R superhero film from the studio that gave us this year’s smash hit Deadpool. 

Following a superhero (similar to Superman) who was once considered the greatest superhero to his fictional world, he goes on a rampage and begins slaughtering innocent people. Writer and creator Mark Weid is known for writing the iconic DC comic Kingdom Come and explores the idea of if someone like Captain America or Superman became the worlds most infamous supervillain. It’s an incredibly fun and unique idea that doesn’t require non comic book reading to break their disbelief of someone we do know to go murderous and bad.

Adam McKay, director of; Anchorman, Step Brothers, and last year’s The Big Short will direct with Tommy Wirkola (Hansel and Grettle: Witch Hunters) writing the script. Delving into the tropes and “what ifs” of superheroes in movies something that needs to happen for the genre to evolve and stay alive, and it seems to on the rise with flicks like Batman v Superman being the most recent example of “what if Superman decides not to be good anymore?”. It’s a dark and cynical look into the psyche or heroes, but I think audiences are ready.



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