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Captain America: Civil War (2016) Is A Winner, But Not Solely Because of Captain America – Movie Review

Just when you think it can’t much better than Winter Soldier before it, Captain America triples its cast size, and brings on characters we have yet to see on screen in the MCU. The Russo Brothers return to direct their second Marvel movie, with their first being Winter Soldier, and back on the excitement and action of the first only to enhance everything in between. The anticipation is justified as Avengers 2.5 successfully brings to life some vital characters fans have been waiting to see on the big screen. No one disappoints.

After tensions rise due to the actions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, regulations must be set in order for the destruction and loss to minimize. Naturally, not everyone buys into that nonsense, in particular, one star spangled man with the good hair. Captain America portrayed effortlessly yet again by Chris Evans, but it’s the rest of the cast that make this front man shine bright in his third “solo” film. The chemistry between Team Cap and Team Iron Man are what you would have hoped for and more. Even with the plethora of characters at the forefront of the story, there seemed to be no issue tying in the multiple characters and their backstories to a more central theme.

Even friends fight, no matter how close you are to them, and it makes choosing a side that much tougher when you see the story unfold. Complex, divisive, and just early summer fun, the new additions of Black Panther and Spider-Man are some for the ages. Accents and character tropes and all, Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland are terrific. The clear motivations and real life concerns Tony and Cap (and their respective teammates) deal with are what make this “Civil War” of sorts such a treat. That being said, you sweaty comic book fans need to chill with your assumptions on what the movie should be and focus on what it actually is.

I sat with some good friends at my showing awaiting the two and a half hour film and only did I realize the young lads sitting behind us were commenting on the parts that weren’t “plausible” to the real world… because that’s why you went to see a movie about a guy that throws his shield at a flying metal man. I need you all to realize that this is fiction (for now) and that you must go into this movie with the realization that this is not the same as the comics and it is a sequel to Winter Soldier, period. You’ll have a much better time knowing that this is one of the best Marvel movies to date due to the action, cohesive plot, and well acted characters from the veterans and the newer additions.

The Russos are without a doubt the directors to bring us the two-parts of Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2 and they seem to only be getting better and better. If you had any trepidation about anything in this movie, put them to rest real quick.


P.s. Stay tuned for the TWO credit scenes. I don’t think you’ll be too upset (winky face)


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