Ayyy Ben Affleck Is Now the Executive Producer of The Justice League

I’ll tell you what, this was a pleasant surprise to see on my computer just now. Ben Affleck, after being announced he will officially write and direct his own Batman movie(s), has now gained another task I think fans can all be stoked for. He will now be a part of the heavy decision making for the film by executive producing the project. For those that aren’t fully aware of what this job title ensues, Affleck will be working even closer than he was with director Zack Snyder and writer Chris Terrio.


This was something that we had heard was sort of happening prior to this announcement when we heard that the script was being “touched up” by Batfleck himself. Affleck has already proven to be a powerful film maker in recent years as well as a writer and creative mind in Hollywood and his Bruce Wayne/Batman scenes were without a doubt the stand-out scenes in the film.

Affleck has released his three directed films from WB and obviously stars as Batman for the studio. It’s clear Affleck is a trusted figure in the studio system and as Deadline reported, Affleck is doing it out of support for Snyder rather than evoke a coup for polarizing director. Let’s hope his input makes as much a difference as we’d hope it would.

Source: Deadline


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