First Look At The New Power Rangers Costumes


You know, I said to a few friends earlier that I thought that they need to get rid of the weird metal mouths on the helmets, and after some heavy consideration to that pas thought… I still think think they need to get rid of the mouth, but only on the red ranger.

If you look closely at the other rangers beyond the Red Ranger, they actually look pretty solid. A synopsis on the concept of the suits was actually pretty cool, comparing them to extraterrestrial suits that morph onto their respective hosts body like a really bad-ass cocoon. In particular, I think the Blue, Black, and Pink rangers have the best looks of the five so far, but that doesn’t mean the others are complete crap.

No, I don’t think they look like Iron Man suits, so stop asking. Remember, this is nothing more than one image of a concept we hadn’t seen until now. For all we know, the trailer is going to be incredible and they are going to look awesome while in action.


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