Slender Man Movie In Development at Screen Gems

Who doesn’t know who Slender Man is in this day and age? The tall, “slender”, well-dressed white headed being has haunted forums and blogs and the imaginations of internet browsers for years now will finally get his own movie. His stories of kidnapping children after stalking them in the shadows has become more than fan fiction to many horror fans and has transcended frightening character into cult horror being status.

He has been parodied in all types of media as well as drawn inspiration from that of The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington, but has never had his own movie. So far, the film has brought on horror writer David Birke for the script. You may know Screen Gem for their distribution of the plentiful Resident Evil films along some other low budget horror films of recent years.

The studio wants to begin production of the film in the fall of this year and has not brought on a cast that we have heard of yet. Slender Man has all the makings to be a cult horror film, but could also bring to life one of the spookiest characters of the last two decades to audiences on the big screen.



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