Michael Fassbender to Play Real-Life Serial Killer in Adaptation of Entering Hades

You know him and you love him, he is Michael Fassbender. We see him as Magneto and will see him as a hooded assassin in Assassin’s Creed, but we forget the guy has been nominated for two Oscars (12 Years a Slave, Steve Jobs) and is an acting powerhouse across the board. The latest news exclusive from Variety is reporting that Fassbender will produce and star in an adaptation of the book Entering Hades (2007) about real life serial killer Jack Unterweger.

Unterweger was a celebrated journalist who was secretly a sociopath and serial killer in his spare time, murdering 11 people in the process. Writing the script will be one of the four writers for the Oscar-winning Original Screenplay of Birdman, Alexander Dinelaris to be exact, who is tailoring the script to fit Fassbender in particular.

EO and Chief Creative Officer of Broad Green Pictures had this to say about the production:

“With Bob and Richard’s vision and Michael’s keen ability to bring captivating characters to the big screen, we are confident that ‘Entering Hades’ will be an entertaining thriller that draws a big audience,”

With this, Fassbender is continuing to show his range of films he has tackled in his career and if this film turns out like it sounds, this could spell Oscar-nomination yet again for the German actor.

Source: Variety


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