I’m Oddly Intrigued By The Shallows (2016) Second Trailer – Trailer Review

When I saw the first trailer (it was a teaser) I was more than intrigued. A good tone of a low budget shark movie that the potential to be a fun night at the movies in the summer, but this fell to the issue that I have with more than half the trailers for smaller movies and that is the fact they showed damn-near the whole movie.

Blake Lively is a talented actress and believable as a surfer, no doubt, but why did they have to show the whole sequence of events with her and the shark? I don’t understand where you think it’s a good idea to give up so many plot details for movies of any type.

That being said, I still want to see this. The visuals seem really crisp and clean and they are choosing to make what appears to be a hyper realistic great white for the shark. When making shark films, Jaws confirmed this, less is much more. Don’t show us the shark eating surfers so early, we know that’s going to happen, just show us the vague plot and give us money shots.

Even with all that being said, this will be a guilty pleasure viewing I’m sure.


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