Popular SEGA Sidescroller Game Shinobi In Development with Marc Platt Producing

The love of ninjas and action will never go away, but if those ninjas happen to be from a sidescroll arcade-video game that only real passionate gamers may know, you better get some kick-ass talent for the film.

Not much is known on the project beyond Marc Platt working with SEGA to get the movie going at all. It is not a complex narrative for a film (whatsoever) which can actually be the reason this film can be good. The pressure is not on to tell a complex narrative like we see in other video game to movie adaptations and it could worry less about being overly faithful to the game.

Making a really fun martial arts flick – with actual Japanese actors – in the lead roles sounds like a great time at the theaters and I hope that is where the studio and people trying to work on the movie take their visions.


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