Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Film Will Be “Loaded” With Villains

We forget Affleck is an Oscar-winning screenwriter for Good Will Hunting and directed the Best-Picture winner in Argo. Couple that with DC comic writer and DC Chief Creative Officer for the company and you have a highly intriguing pair for the next Batman film.

What makes this all the more fascinating is the comments from the publication stating that both writers have created an already sprawling Batman universe which already has established villains from Batman’s incredible rogue’s gallery. CinemaBlend made a good point in comparing the blueprint to what Zack Snyder already did for Batman v Superman and you know how that fall out has been so far.

The difference here is the creative freedom Affleck and Johns have on their film and the pedigree that they have both shown in the storytelling department, Ben with films, and Johns with comics. The concern with possibly having so many villains is how often they show up and their roles in the main storyline.

For awhile, I didn’t think they would go with this comic idea, but it seems like they could do it if they really wanted to, and that is Batman: Hush, a newer comic that has Batman verse countless villains in the process of trying to solve one main conflict. That seems pretty ridiculous when I say it out loud and I still doubt that’s their position on a story, but it’s not like there aren’t stories out there already that have Batman pit against some of his greatest foes. Villains work together with each other all the time in comics so this could turn out to be far cooler than you think. Imagine Riddler, Penguin, Black Mask, The Joker, and others somehow creating this insane crime syndicate in hopes of effing around with Batman.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death


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