Real Life DC Crisis Will The Flash Director Departing and James Wan May Follow

It’s our worse nightmare come true, the interlocking pieces at Warner Bros. and DC are falling apart due to “creative differences”. Now, this wasn’t an issue when this happened with Ant-Man and their change of directors because at least the film was nearly finished, but with Seth Graham-Smith reportedly departing from The Flash it could be following Warner Bros. horror phenom James Wan with Aquaman.

Wan only ever directed small budget horror films – which made the studio truck loads of money – and then Furious 7 was his big budget break out of sorts. The divorce of a director from a film is commonality in Hollywood, but when someone with whom you have a quality working relationship with starts to feel the pressure fall on them you can’t be surprised if they choose to split sooner than later.

This is all on the heels of Batman v Superman panning out terribly with critics and even having fans like myself walk out disappointed. Zack Snyder is supposed to be directing Justice League Part 1, but reports claim the studio is at odds with the director and his possible vision of the film after his last film’s reception by a majority.

It’d be a real loss for the studio to lose such a talented director for a film most people chose to hold hope for. His ability to create intricate and captivating characters as well as his vision for the atmosphere of his movies would be missed if he leaves the Aquaman movie like these rumors suggest. If he does, this may spell the beginning of a new gravely road for the studio.

Source: Birth.Movies.Death


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