Here Are 7 Spider-Man Villains I Want Tom Holland to Fight

Only a few more days until we get to see the third installment of what has grown to be an incredible trilogy in Captain America. As excited as we are for everyone in that movie, let’s talk about the spider in the room. Tom Holland is garnering endless praises from those who have seen the movie so far and it proves Marvel still knows exactly what they’re doing.

With the reveal that Spider-Man’s reboot and solo film will be titled Spider-Man: Homecoming and Iron Man will make an appearance (or possibly just RDJ in a really clean suit) we heard chirpings about who his villain may be and it was of the bird variety. This got me thinking, who are other villains from Spider-Man’s Rogue gallery that I’d want to have in his newer films? I compiled of list of characters I want either back on the screen (and done well) and a few characters we haven’t been blessed to see yet. Spider-Man – behind Batman – has the best super villains in comics and they should translate better on screen than they did.

Here are my 7 villains I’d like to see in solo Spider-Man films:

  1. Chameleon: Literally the first ever villain to be introduced in Spider-Man comics was the Chameleon and he has been a mainstay ever since. Unlike the other villains we’ve seen, Chameleon doesn’t have the physical prowess as the others, but uses his ability to effortlessly change his appearance as a weapon against the web-slinger. What makes him a cool possibility is his connection with the next villain on the list and their ability to tie in together without it being forced. 

  2. Kraven the Hunter: Fans have made their voices known that they want fan favorite Kraven to make an appearance in a Spider-Man movie, but so far the echos have stayed dormant. Kraven is the half brother of previously mentioned Chamelean and would work as an organic set-up from one of the solo films in the future. Kraven is a big game hunter who wishes to do nothing more than to prove he can track and kill anything, including Spider-Man. 

  3. Hobgoblin: Contrary to what you think you know about Hobgoblin, James Franco did not play Hobgoblin in Spider-Man 3. In fact, I’m not sure what he was supposed to be playing, but I saw him more as an extreme sports version of Green Goblin like his father before him. No, I want Hobgoblin, the pumpkin throwing, glider flying, and orange and blue clad villain that has had many versions. It could work with a younger Peter Parker and he is a fun, but menacing and sometimes frightening nemesis Peter has to face. It’d be a nice addition and subtraction of sorts. We’ve seen Green Goblin twice so why not at least a different version of him? 

  4. Carnage: The last thing I want is a Venom movie without Spider-Man and I don’t want either if Carnage doesn’t get an appearance. Carnage is one bad m’fer and his appearance alone proves that. A symbiote like Venom latches onto a deranged serial killer and Spider-Man and Venom have to team up. How cool would that be? He’s frightening and has no motivations except that he is crazy. 

  5. Venom: Topher Grace was not the answer nor right actor for the role, it wasn’t his fault, but still, everyone deserves better. Venom needs to be a recurring villain of sorts at some point and not as an anti-hero. I want the classic Eddie Brock who is mainly bad, but plays Joker to Peter Parker’s Batman if you will. 

  6. Shocker: Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would have probably been better off as the villain Shocker. An even cooler idea (to me at least) is have Shocker and Electro be a duo in a film and use their similar powers to evil advantages. That comes off much more naturally to me. Not to mention he is really cool looking and could have some cool Iron Man style fights if you modified him to be more menacing than strictly pulsing sound waves as attacks. 

  7. Rhino: I think Paul Giamatti is a terrific actor, but he was as underused and poorly treated as Venom in Spider-Man 3. I don’t mind the mechanized suit, but why not make the suit attached to him and make the villain more threatening and animalistic like most of Spider-Man’s villains? 

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