Tomb Raider: Alicia Vikander Cast as Lara Croft

The reboot of the classic video game character has seen a re-imagining and revival through the latest video games, but she will also get the same treatment for a new live-action film with their lead actress now in place. Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander has been begged for the role of Lara Croft tomb raider and I couldn’t be more excited.

Her work in Ex Machina, The Danish Girl, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. made her the break out star of last year which proved fruitful for the former ballerina turned actress and she will headline what is now officially an anticipated reboot from the guilty pleasure Angelina Jolie films of the early 2000’s. From what I’ve seen from the newest games – though I am not a gamer – the settings are far larger and more realistic than the classic game play. She has always been a character that can be seen as a female rendition of Indiana Jones mixed with Bruce Wayne and that is a premise that should entice us if the film is a more serious tone.

MGM and Warner Bros. will produce the new movie. The proposed rumors for the role had gone to (my future wife) Daisy Ridley of her newly found Star Wars fame and it seemed like that could have been their girl, but whether she is too busy or backed out for creative reasons or the studio wanted someone different for the role, we all win.

Vikander’s casting could be a sign of legitimacy of the video game movie genre and hopefully breaks the genre out of its lackluster stay in cinema. She is an actress who seems to be able to do it all while casting a spell on you with her big brown eyes in the process. Let’s hope the director of the film is as high quality as the actress.


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