Kubo and the Two Strings: Official Trailer 3 Is All Stop Motion Goodness – Trailer Review

Focus Features and LAIKA Entertainment are bringing us an animated experience that is reminiscent of LAIKA’s other feature length films such as The Boxtrolls, Paranorman, and Coraline. With heavy Japanese influence for the next picture, we are treated to a trailer full of wonder, color, and fantasy that stop motion seems to always bring. The voice talent is obviously off the charts with McConaughey as the most notable (that we’ve heard so far) and Charlize Theron bringing a calming influence as a Japanese macaque.

Not all animation has to be for children and while LAIKA films are not box-office successes like the animated films from the big three of Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks, its vital to support films like this in order for them to stay alive. Like the Tim Burton films that harnessed stop motion such as this to the wild and crazy films like Wallace and Gromit, stop motion deserves your love and money.

I know I’m going to see this, but I hope you all do too.


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