Netlfix/BBC To Bring to Life Watership Down Miniseries with John Boyega & James McAvoy

Don’t be fooled by the fluffy bunnies in the featured image, this is not strictly for kids by any means. Based off of the highly successful novel about a warren of rabbits, they quickly learn about the truths of life and death as well as conflict outside and inside their own circles. Originally a book in 1972 and later an animated film six years later, the original film didn’t hold back on the dark adult subject matter nor the depictions of the conflicts at hand.

So far, a stellar voice cast has been assembled by the Netlfix and BBC teams by bringing on; John Boyega, Sir Ben Kingsley, James McAvoy, Gemma Arterton, and Nicholas Hoult. It will be directed by Noam Murro (300: Rise of an Empire).

The question scarred adults like myself would ask is what tone does the show want to convey? Originally a violent and gruesome visual depiction of the death of cute fuzzy bunnies was meant for the younger audiences (kids) to learn about the hardships of life early, a polarizing discussion then and now. With such a tremendous cast, you wonder if they want it to have a more mainstream appeal to audiences or the fact it is on Netflix will allow them to revise the story, but still keep the core tone of the original film and story at hand.


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