The Final X-Men Apocalypse (2016) Trailer Brings Epic Reveals – Trailer Review

We finally have the trailer we’ve wanted! A finished product showing us exactly why we should be excited. From the reveal of the main characters beyond the ones we’ve seen in previous films as well as where and how the destruction will effect, well, everything. But let’s talk about what we really got us going, Wolverine.

We saw some iconic claws at the end of the trailer which confirms what most of us expected and that is Wolverine will likely have a huge role in defeating “The First Mutant”. Beyond Wolverine’s half second cameo, there is gold as far character moments whether it be the hilarious reveal of Quicksilver’s metal controlling daddy or the possible reveal of who Nightcrawler’s mom is… comic book readers know what I’m talking about.

The action looks great and the recruitment of the mutants we know and love will likely be the exciting climax of a film that may change the course of the X-Men universe as we know it.



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