Marvel’s Inhumans Officially Off Their Movie Slate

Marvel always has a lot of food on their plates, but you can never say they aren’t giving us a good slice of what their having. With all the movies we get a year from the studio, it’s no surprise that once in awhile a film will either be delayed, removed, and put to the side because of continuity or other reasons.

Instead of the Inhumans coming out July 12, 2019 like their slate proposed, but with the success of their two buggy superheroes, it makes sense for their films to get an earlier release date over a film property with characters no one has heard of. Long story short, Inhumans isn’t gone for good, but Spider-Man and Ant-Man are the obvious obligations for Marvel at this point in time.

It may be a bummer for the 25 Inhumans fans out there that were hoping to get their movie sooner than later, but let’s hope the wait will only make the movie that much sweeter when it comes out.

Source: Yahoo!


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