More Michael Keaton and He Looks Relentless as ‘The Founder (2016)’ Of McDonald’s – Trailer Review

There’s something about a trailer that shows nothing and everything all at once. This time, that counts as a good thing. Michael Keaton continues his resurgence in yet another small film with large potential as the salesman turned Capitalist mascot as he creates an icon and destroys something far more precious.

It’s a great story worth telling about a food franchise that revolutionized how we see quick and easy meals and we all know what it is, McDonald’s.

The Golden Arches were once a smalltown hot spot where burgers and fries were delivered in no time at all and just as quickly, one man took it over like a disease that kept on spreading. Keaton’s devolve within just a two minute peak of the film was enough to get me interested and what’s cool about this trailer is that it gave just enough to lead us into what appears to be a far more interesting story than we expected.

The film is directed by The Blind Side’s John Lee Hancock and written by Robert D. Siegel (The Wrestler).


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