Michael Keaton Will NOT Be In Solo Spider-Man Movie

I am actually pretty disappointed with this news, but it doesn’t mean this film is all of sudden going to suck. Keaton has returned with a bang in film after film for the last two years and has been in two of the last two Best-Picture winning movies i.e. Birdman and Spotlight. 

But, with the addition of RDJ into the new Spider-Man movie we will still gain plenty of fun dynamic between characters.

Keaton seems to be doing what most actors his age and caliber end up doing and that is begin to carefully choose their roles in hopes they are inspired and motivated to take on the roles. With Keaton’s notoriety as Batman in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) and things like Beetlejuice and less flashy roles later on, he has since taken the somewhat independent film route that can allow him to sink his teeth into characters more and maybe the villain role wasn’t for him.

Source: Deadline 


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