Robert Downey Jr. Confirmed For Spider-Man: Homecoming

As assumed, the connection between Spider-Man and Iron Man will stem beyond Captain America: Civil War and will enter Spider-Man’s solo film. From early reviews, Spider-Man is exceptional in Civil War and Tom Holland who portrays him is excellent.

The dynamic between two intellectually gifted characters like Peter Parker and Tony Stark is (irony aside) a no-brainer if casting a Spidey film with the characters at Marvel Studios. As of now, the film will star Holland as a high school age Peter Parker with actress/singer Zendaya cast as the lead female role opposite Holland, and Marisa  Tomai will portray a much sexier Aunt May.

With this growing relationship between the two characters you have to be excited for what may come of their partnership in the later films. With such a glue to a relationship only a handful of people have been fortunate enough to see, I think it’s safe to put money on the fact that Marvel is trying to make sure Sony has no choice, but to let Marvel maintain the control over the Spider-Man character after his likely success from Civil War and his eventual third reboot of the live action character.

Not to mention, if people were getting “Spider-Man fatigue” it’s a smart move to bring your biggest gun (literally) to a film that will reassure wavering audiences on if they want to see this new Spider-Man movie.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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