Jason Bourne (2016) Official Trailer Shows the Epic Return of Jason Bourne – Trailer Review

As talented as Jeremy Renner is as an actor and action star, he was not the answer to a pseudo sequel of a film that was The Bourne Legacy. Instead of bringing Renner back to suffer the unfair criticism of fans and critics, Universal Studios realized the error of their ways and have brought back the action franchise we have so desperately missed on the big screen.

This a phenominal trailer cut to perfection as it showcases the returning cast of Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, among others in a Paul Greengrass directed sequel to the Bourne trilogy (technically a trilogy) that will bring on now Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones to an already impressive cast.

While Jason Bourne is still trying to solve this Hitchockian mystery that is his past, we are equally as determined to solve those questions with him. The action looks top notch and seems to be heavy on the practical effects (right on) and doesn’t want to waste anymore time than it likely has. If you can’t tell I’m excited then you probably think that babies come from storks still.


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