Bryan Cranston Goes Up Against Pablo Escobar in The Infiltrator (2016) – Trailer Review

Imagine being one of these real life Donnie Brasco types and pretending to be a criminal for the sake of bringing down the criminals? It’d be petrifying and unnerving until the day you finally rest in a grave of dirt hopefully laid down by people you love. Well, that’s what I assume it’d be anyways.

Cranston returns another juicy character in a character type role by portraying real life U.S. Customs official who is brought on to take down the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and his billion dollar cocaine traffic.

The trailer is gripping, stylish, and a love child of Narcos and Donnie Brasco if you ask me with a hint of Scarface for good measure. It’s an exciting, well cut glimpse into a world we only want to be in through pixels and large screens and Cranston is the selling point. Crime stories are always fascinating and anytime it deals with the cartels and Escobar you have to believe you are in for a treat.


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