Teaser For The Magnificent Seven (2016) Is Action Packed Fun – Trailer Review

When the official set photos released yesterday, it was only a matter of time before we saw the first trailer of the Antoine Fuqua action-western and boy is it cool. The cast looks bad-ass in each of their different roles while sporting some quality facial hair and aiming with no concern at the villains disrupting a small western town.

Fuqua gets all the credit in the world for directing action, but it’s his narrative that has suffered from choppy emotional tugs, but even through the flaws of films like Southpaw and the pleasant surprise that was The Equalizer did not cease to disappoint most audiences.

With this being a remake of the original western (which was originally a samurai epic and masterpiece) is getting a more action packed makeover as well as a more diverse cast than the original 1960 film. Denzel leads the charge and brings on some notable faces to his rag tag team of good hearted bandits to save and protect a small western town.

The film comes out September 23rd to a theater near you.


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