Thoughts On the New Warcraft (2016) Trailer? – Trailer Review

This new trailer showcases the amount of fantasy action that will take place in this film, but no one is shocked about that. What I am curious to know from everybody is how this film looks to you. I was never a Warcraft faithful, but there are plenty of people that are and I am thinking this is the movie that, like Batman v Superman will divide fans and critics because of the already built in fanbase.

I think the CGI has moments it really impresses me and then I see the goofy designs of the castles – supposed to be similar to the games I assume – and I don’t like them. When I heard this film was being made I immediately thought “This could be sort of like Lord of the Rings!”, but instead I am getting the Hobbit movies out of this trailer.

The film comes out June 10th, 2016 and I don’t know if I am excited or just extremely curious.


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