Hands of Stone (2016) Gets a First Teaser Trailer with Edgar Ramirez & Robert DeNiro – Trailer Review

This wasn’t a film I even knew was being made, but as a sports fan and movie fan, this is a beautiful surprise. A film about famed than infamous boxer Roberto Durán who can be seen in a great 30 For 30 titled No Mas is the subject of what appears to be a biopic of his life to the time he has his storied fight with Sugar Ray Leonard (played by a very convincing Usher Raymond IV).

Robert DeNiro makes a more respectable return to the world of boxing films by not being in that cash grab (for the actors I mean) known as Grudge Match. Playing famed trainer Ray Arcel, DeNiro seems like he will be the selling point for the film as possibly the narrator and as the recognizable face, even though Ramirez can be seen in films like Joy and the forgettable remake of Point Break.

Boxing movies are always inspiring in some fashion unless you’re taking the Raging Bull route, but even so, the characters whether real or fake always have more than one unique reason they began fighting and that’s where I hope this film ends up going.

The film will be produced by The Weinstein Company and is directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz, a Venezuelan filmmaker behind Oscar-nominated Foreign Language Film Secuestro Express.


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