Are We Getting A Live’Action Pokemon Film?

No matter the outcome, let’s just hope the creators of this movie don’t do what Ghost in the Shell may be doing with their white actors… Anyway, a bidding war for the rights the popular video game series that is Pokemon may have Chinese owned studio Legendary Pictures come out as victors for the rights. With that in mind, this will likely cause a stir between the companies in Japan due to historically divided issues.

Warner Bros. has always been a supporter of the animated Pokemon films in the past – which aren’t bad by the way – but Legendary’s involvement is curious nonetheless.

But who’s to say this is as deep as China trying to flip the bird to their neighbors Japan. Legendary has produced many films that have broken barriers between China and Japan and one of the most literally large properties is that of 2014’s Godzilla.

Going back to the fears of whitewashing another specific ethnic property, the Asian owned studio (that studio being Legendary) could bode well for a more true to the source material film. Perhaps the studio has an idea to bring to life the Japanese phenominon that is Pokemon to screens in a way fans will actually take kindly to.

Source: Forbes



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