Untitled Darren Aronofsky Film Adds Domhnall Gleeson

Director of bleak and hard hitting cinema, Darren Aronofsky is assembling a talented cast for his next untitled film. With Jennifer Lawrence as the lead in the mysterious romance-drama, the film will also include Michelle Phieffer, Ed Harris, Javier Bardem, and Gleeson’s younger brother Brien Gleeson is in talks to join the cast as well.

The film will be written by Aronofsky and in a vague description is about a couple whose relationship is tested due to uninvited house guests making the couple’s relationship unbalanced. Aronofsky’s last effort was the “unique” take on the book of Noah in the aptly named Noah which was considered a passion project for the director.

Domhnall Gleeson has had a surge in his career by being in some of the more criticially acclaimed films of last year that included The Force Awakens, Ex Machina, and The Revenant. For him to work with another talented film maker bodes well for career and could again shoot him into the list of talented young actors even though he has had his fair share of great films and roles from Harry Potter and indie flicks like Brooklyn which also came out last year.

The film begins shooting this June and is set to release next year.



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