First Look at Elliott in New Pete’s Dragon (2016)

The reboot machine at Disney has released a first image via Entertainment Weekly of Elliott, the dragon that the young boy Pete befriends while living in the forest. EW is always the first to be able to get all the latest photos and this is no different as it presents a new take on the iconic green reptile.

Elliott in the original film is able to make himself invisible, communicate adequately, and do most other things that normal dragons tend to do like breathe fire and fly. With this new film, we haven’t seen anything except a brief look at his mechanics when in flight, but as it tends to go in Hollywood, if we are getting another image of the film a new trailer isn’t too far off. Here’s the first look at Elliott and Pete:

disney petes dragon 2016 remake elliot fuzzy dragon first look Petes Dragon Image Offers First Look at Elliott

The scale of the dragon is fairly large from the predecessor and even has a dog-like visual style to him from the fur to the jaw, but it makes sense for a kid to comfortably fly on a fuzzy dragon over a spiky and scaling one. It was said that the animators and creators of the dragon spent hours upon hours watching clumsy and humorous animal videos to capture Elliott’s trademark inelegance. He has the fur of a polar bear, the roar of an elephant, tiger, and lion, and the wings of an Australian flying squirrel.

This remake 40 years later will star Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard,  Karl Urban, West Bentley and child actor Oakes Fegley. The film hits theaters August 12th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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