James Cameron Will Make, Count Them, FOUR Avatar Sequels

Can this stop? Please? James Cameron is the man and a great director and while you compare Avatar to one of the three movies it reminds you of let’s just be clear, Avatar is not as bad as you want it to be, but I will side with you all for a moment and say that this is a hugely ambitious move on Cameron’s part.

The first film came out in 2009, but fast forward to present day and we haven’t even seen a glimpse of the reported sequel(s) that Cameron has been working for all of seven years and now the film maker is claiming to be making a “saga” for all the films which he “promised” will start coming out in the year 2018.

He also stated that the four new films will stand on their own, but come together to create a complete saga of movies and “there was too much material to make just two sequels” and whether that jazzes you up or not is up to you, but it definitely is slowly beginning to add intrigue to projects that I have given up on until the first trailers come out.

Thoughts on the sequels and do you care?

Source: Variety


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  1. 8 years later after the original movie huh? Maybe some people will have forgotten the movie. I know that I have forgotten some of it, despite seeing it in IMax 3d


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