Tessa Thompson In, Natalie Portman Out of Thor: Ragnarok

Some of my least favorite films of the Marvel Universe are the Thor films and one of the big issues I have with the films have to do with the lack of chemistry or believable romance between Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

Portman is a great actress and has proven that in many films, but you could tell she just didn’t care to be on Asgard any longer and her departure doesn’t really hurt the films in anyway. With Tessa Thompson coming for an undisclosed role in Thor: Ragnarok, I can be more excited about the possibilities the romance or injection of quality female characters can lead.

Thompson is great in Creed as well as Dear White People and brings gravitas and beauty to her characters and we can only hope director Taika Waititi sees that and uses her talents in serviceable fashion.


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