Here’s Every ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer So Far

Now that you’ve got your sexual awakening through these three trailers, let’s see what we have so far…

As you know, David Ayer and company are bringing to life DC’s Suicide Squad property to the live-action form most fans didn’t even know they wanted, but now with this new trailer we get to see most of our favorite DC villains in the short tempered group we have seen them become in comics. With the main villain still unknown to audiences – my guess is Common plays the villain and brings those minions to life – we get some brief shots of Batman jumping into the river and some exceptionally freaky tattoos i.e. Harley Quinn’s “lucky you” tat right above her belt.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but the more I’m seeing Will Smith in the role of Deadshot the less impressed I am with the casting. The film needed a recognizable star and so they brought on a talented actor for the part, that’s cool, but I fear Smith is just being Smith yet again, and isn’t taking too many chances with the role at hand. Everyone else on the other hand look exceptional and Jared Leto as the Joker will be a fun rendition to see on screen.

As far as music choices for the trailers, I’ve never been so happy to hear classic rock songs, and to hear how perfectly they go with the vibes of the two trailers are near flawless. With the film reshooting and adding more action and humor, I’m starting not to feel nearly as concerned and the claims that all the jokes were in the second trailer are clearly not true because the new scenes in the recent “Blitz” trailer were equally as funny. I think David Ayer was a fan of the Wayne’s World soundtrack…

I know I’m excited, but what is your favorite trailer of the three? Comment below and tell me why!


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