Expect Disney’s Marvel Characters To Show Up In the Next Solo Spider-Man Film, But Who?

So here’s some great news, apparently Captain America: Civil War is AWESOME as was “Underoos” aka Spider-Man. The latest report about his solo film is something we’ve all been curious to see now that Sony has teamed up with Marvel/Disney and that is the addition of MCU characters into Spidey’s solo film. We don’t know which characters they will be, but I have a compiled list that I feel would make the most sense.

With a high school aged Peter Parker in the MCU rather than a college aged Peter we are used to from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield respectively, we will be seeing the more quip filled web-slinger comic fans are awaiting. With Tom Holland being the newest addition to the MCU and not being as well known as other actors in Marvel films it doesn’t hurt to bring one of the big guns into his film so long it makes sense within the story.

As the trailer shows, Spider-man appears to have been recruited by Tony Stark and it wouldn’t be far off to possibly see someone like him in the solo film to maybe make him a cool suit or help with his web-shooters, but the dark-horse could be someone Ant-Man, not just because they’re named after bugs, but because the humor would make sense and naturally flow with each other.

Of course, without seeing the movie yet it’s not out of the realm to see a newer character show up on the screen with Spider-Man who may have shared moments with the character in Civil War. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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