Warner Bros. Issues with Their DC Films Have Nothing to Do With Them Being “Dark”

I figured it was time to set the record straight on the “issues” with DC/WB superheroes and their tones moving forward. Often times, critics and fans alike blame the lack of chuckles to be the reason behind the lackluster performance of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but because a film is grim does not imply a film is poor. The issue with the film was the script and the pacing issues, not because it was more of an adult rendered film.

When have movies with violence and adults themes been considered bad because the film’s subject matters were not like another film, in this case, Marvel films. No audience member complained about The Dark Knight being as adult as it was. The Joker was stabbing people with pencils and blowing up women, but nowhere did fans go “this film was terrible because it was too serious”. The reason for that is because it didn’t need an overabundance of laughs to be as good a movie as it was.

That’s where these pompous fans and critics are getting it incorrect and it needs to end. No one would have cared if this movie was PG-13 to Rated-R if it ended up being a well told story, but alas, that isn’t what most of us had hoped for. Set the record straight with that drunk guy at the bar and the hipster at the Whole Foods because the tone of the film is not what brought the film down, but rather a jumbled script and piss poor editing choices.


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