Edge of Tomorrow 2 Gets Greenlit with Doug Liman to Return with Tom Cruise

It’s a travesty that this film didn’t make a trillion dollars when it was released in theaters because this is arguably one of the best sci-fi movies we’ve had through the last two decades, but with crappy marketing and about as many name changes as NBA basketball players it failed to bring in high revenue at the box-office.

Apparently all this doesn’t matter as the exceptional word of mouth spread like wildfire and proved to keep the interest in a sequel alive as Doug Liman, director of the first film as well as The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith will return to take on the sequel with Cruise also set to return. Writing the film will be the duo of Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse from this year’s Jesse Owens film Race.

Not much is known about the plot or where they want to go with film, but the concern from fans is where the story lends itself for a future film as the first movie set up and concluded a solo story for most. Stay tuned for more updates.


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