Why Is There Such a Weird Hype For Daniel Radcliffe’s Latest Indie Flick ‘Swiss Army Man’ (2016)?

One of the indie films out of Sundance that became the polarizing talk of Utah stars Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano in a film that is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Truly an arthouse film, the story tells the bizarre story of a man ready to kill himself as he’s stranded on an island, but stumbles upon a “dead” man washed up on shore (Radcliffe) and the strangeness appears to go from there.

It was dubbed as the “dead farting man” movie by many and instead of trying to break that stigma it has used it as “good” publicity and embraces the off kilter story that is half comedy and half drama.

Sundance and other film festivals aren’t the measuring sticks for a films quality, but this was a movie that had negative reviews coming out of the Robert Redford film festival (that’s Sundance for those who lost me) for it’s insanely bizarre route taken for the story.

The film releases in the U.S. June 17, 2016.


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