Martin Scorsese’s Silence (2016) Gets a Prime Oscar-Season Release Date

The Italian-American film maker is one of the best of all time, period, do when Scorsese brings on Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Ciaran Hinds and Tadanobu Asano to be in his latest film you are excited just from hearing his name attached to a finished project, but you’re foaming at the mouth when you re-read the cast and learn that it is poised for a November release.

Scorsese is not afraid to put any form of controversial material into his projects and let’s be real, his films are great because they aren’t so black and white, but painted with thousands of thematic color pallets. With that in mind, Silence will follow the journey of two Jesuit priests in search of their mentor, but while they search for him they will face violence and persecution in 17th century Japan.

November is prime Oscar season and you can bet both your butt cheeks that it will likely be Oscar caliber stuff. Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield alone are poised to have Oscar buzz once we see the trailer for this film.



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