Blade Runner 2 Brings in Dave Bautista and Robin Wright To the Cast




The sci-fi noir that is Blade Runner has since become one of the most iconic sci-fi films in recent history thanks to the direction of Ridley Scott and an enthralling performance by Harrison Ford. 35 years later, the sci-fi film will officially get the sequel we’ve all known about, but it has confirmed more than Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in respective roles. House of Cards star Robin Wright and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista have been confirmed for the film which begins shooting this July.

These two actors have since gained more acclaim for their recent roles in film and television and will likely see more of an incline in their careers due to the popularity of their characters. The role of power hungry Claire Underwood on the hit Netflix series House of Cards has enhanced the respective career of Wright and it begs the question; will her character be as polarizing as her character on the show and will Bautista take on the Replicant in a Roy Batty sort of fashion or will he fall to the waste-side like in Spectre.

With the cast and crew proving that they are not holding anything back with this sequel soon to be directed by Sicario director Denis Villenueve with acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins at the helm to make the film as beautiful, if not better, than before.

Source: ScreenRant


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