The Battle Between Fans and Critics Has Hit An All Time Low

DISCLAIMER: I am going to talk about Batman v Superman… again

I’m not sure how concerned I should be with the division of fans and critics alike over a film like Batman v Superman. The happy median in which I fall under has left me in a fortress of solitude because fans and critics are coming at each other’s throats like blood thirsty wolves and it doesn’t need to happen! If you want to know how I felt about the film, read my Batman v Superman Movie Review, but we need to stop this harsh division and see things for what they are.

Critic scores for the film have caused an uproar with the fans as the reviews on sites like RottenTomatoes have scored the film as Rotten at 29%. While I enjoyed what it has to offer for the future, this was an anticipated movie littered with flaws, but with the litter came characters that helped pick up the trash the best they could. What has happened is what we see in politics every four years, a division between contrasting sides that lean so far onto their side they don’t take the films for what they are actually. Yes, films are subjective, but if we sit back and discover all the facts at hand, there is far more perspective to gain.

On one hand, the film is making really great money, but will see a decline if the fans don’t continue to repeatedly see the film in theaters, but it was proof that the audience this film was made for got what they wanted (more or less). I like to think this was a film supposed to be directed at me, but even I know a good movie when I see one and this wasn’t exactly good, not terrible, but definitely not good. If we can just decipher what is in a situation we can see more positive changes to the films we clamor for, and then maybe we can stop with these ridiculous notions that petitions will actually do something for changes.

All I am asking to both fans and critics alike, shut up for a moment and let these things marinate. Don’t always go into movies with such high and low expectations and maybe you will see through the fog that is jading your opinions.


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