Bradley Cooper To Lead Max Landis Scripted ‘Deeper’

Max Landis is a really weird dude, with that in mind, he has been on fire with these scripts he is churning out. Whether you like all of his movies or not, you have to admire the originality and specific flavor he brings to his scripts and movies and it looks like he has Bradley Cooper as his lead for the underwater adventure known as Deeper.

Landis’ name came up along with director David Ayer (Suicide Squad) for their record setting sell of Landis’ fantasy/sci-fi cop thriller titled Bright which will star Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. The script has been bought by Netflix over the big studios who were bidding as well, but the creative freedom Netflix has to offer the writer and director are why they chose their landing spot. Now, Landis has yet another script with a big star attached and this it’s Bradley Cooper.

We last saw Bradley Cooper voicing a bounty hunter raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy and as a down on his luck chef in Burnt while also making an appearance with his collaborative partners Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell.

Cooper would play a disgraced astronaut who is brought onto a mission would have him diving to what could an underwater trench that may be considered the lowest point on the planet. When interviewing with Indie Wire, Landis stated that this was the “best script he’s ever written” and that’s coming from the guy that gave us Chronicle. Landis has always been one to stretch the genres in which he chooses to write in, but deeper sounds, well, deeper than what we’re used to hearing from him and with White God director Kornel Mundruzco at the helm to direct, this should make for a far more interesting film than we may have imagined.


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