Suicide Squad Reshoots to Add More Humor….

This is pathetic. Why would a film that already looked pretty funny go and add even more humor? Suicide Squad is not some fluggy Guardians of the Galaxy style film – no offense to Guardians – and it shouldn’t be. This is an interesting move for Suicide Squad because after critics claimed that Batman v Superman was too depressing “dark” for a superhero film as well as other forms of backlash, Warner Bros. is tucking in their tales and just falling to what they feel they are forced to do.

From the reps at Warner Bros., the second trailer for the film – which gained more praise than the first trailer – may have had all of its jokes in the trailer and with that they want to add more. The reason this is dumb is not because they want to make it funnier, but because they told audiences that all the jokes may have been in the trailer.


Fans were hooked as soon “Bohemian Rapsody” started to play and we saw Captain Booomerang crack open a cold beer during an apparent fight scene, but I guess that’s all the film had to make it funny. Forcing in more jokes just doesn’t seem like the right way to go for a film that we already wanted to see. I mean, it’s a film about villains, and that’s plenty to get butts in seats. Having more yucks in the film shouldn’t be what enhances the film, but if it does, awesome.


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