French Film ‘The Intouchables’ Will Get An American Reboot with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart

If you haven’t seen the 2011 French film The Intouchables, go to Netflix and treat yourself. A charming comedy that deals with subjects that could have made it an Oscar caliber drama instead takes on a premise with laughs and wit. Omar Sy originally played an ex-con turned caretaker for a quadriplegic millionaire which ends up having them become great friends.

Kevin Hart will likely portray the ex-con and Cranston the millionaire, but boy wouldn’t it be funny if it went the other way. A remake for American audiences makes sense financially and because the film in Europe made millions and millions of dollars, but in America only bolstered $10 million of its $420 million worldwide, but what direction are they going? My question now revolves around the tone of the remake itself. Do they want to go the standard comedy route that Hart has been doing with his films or can he finally tone it back enough to make a smart comedy-drama alongside Cranston?

They are both extremely funny men in Hollywood so I’d have to believe they are sticking with the strong comedic elements, but it’d be cool to see Hart and Cranston take on the endearing drama that made the first film so charming.

The original trailer below:


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